So you need to calculate Pi and all you’ve got is a target and your trusty shotgun. Now what?

Interesting article on estimating Pi with a Mossberg shotun

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Advancing Naval Technology

Navy getting ready to deploy rail gun in 2016.  Mach 7, 100 milerange, much reduced operational costs.


And in other news, Navy develops CO2/hydrogen fuel from seawater.Successfully, flies a RC airplane (wait, don’t we call those dronesnow) on extracted fuel.


Of all the defense branches in of the opinion only the Navy us looking forward to the next war. Though I still feel they’re wasting too much on “battleships” of the last era (aircraft carriers – large expensive easily sunk vessels)

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RIP McDonald

Rest in Peace Otis. Thank you for all you did, for not giving up, and fighting the good fight.


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Latest Tactical Wear….

The NEW Laser equipped Tactical Necktie from ThinkGeek.

- black woven nylon construction
- D-loop clip
- Removable pouch
- Laser and Holster



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Freedom Group

Tech entrepeneur talking about making a bid on the Freedom Group (Remington, Marlin, DPMS, and many others). 

From reading the article, it sounds like the guy wants to develop “smart guns”, which makes me leery.

Mind you, if someone could invent a smart gun with an energy source that will ensure that it never needs batteries, and with reliability that in my hands it will never fire, and that has a system of person recognition that would prevent it from ever firing upon me or my loved ones – I’D BUY IT IN A HEARTBEAT!!!!!

And so should you, and every cop, and everyone. But let’s be frank, so far nothing has come even remotely close enough to even allow police officers to contemplate the use of smart guns.

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More proof signs do not work…

A young man passes several signs and a bored security guard, and manages to reach the 104th floor of the new WTC Freedom Tower.

Clearly, signs are very effective….or not.


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The Dangers of Not Having a Milita

The Ukraine has found itself in an interesting predictament. It’s pro-Russian former leader didn’t see much need for a strong military. Afterall, they had Russia.

Now, the leaders of the opposition have found themselves with a mere 6,000 combat ready troops out of their 40,000 unit army.  To put that in perspective, the Pennsylvania National Guard has 3,500 full time soldiers, and another 15,000 part time.

Furthermore, Ukraine is now struggling to find the means to equip the soldiers that it is bringing into its new revitalized defense force (aka militia). Here lies the problem. When a nation loses its militia, it puts it’s entire sovereignty at risk. 

Consider the fact that there are only 6,000 soldiers at ready to defend a nation of 45 million! That is 0.01% of the Ukraine’s population is ready to defend their nation, or 1 soldier to protect 7,500 people. Had the Ukraine had an established means for calling up a militia, and they were well regulated (which means armed, equipped, trained), than it would be a very different ballgame.

American’s have some of the highest gun ownership. But what percentage of American households are equipped with an AR15 platform rifle, 4 magazines, 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and a first aid kit?

Oh, but that can’t happen here!!! NEVER!!!  Maybe not, or maybe it could. Could a major economic crisis plunge America into turmoil reminiscent of the dissolution of the Sovient Union? Could Ohio find itself threatened by the North Eastern States? Sure, it sounds like some old 1980′s movie or Avalon Hill game.

Regardless. The truth is, we are witnessing a nation in jeopardy due to its failure to maintain an armed populace.


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The Armed Jury

An amazing article in a mainstream news journal on how the militia is very similar to the jury, whom can decide that a law in itself does not, ebbed b when breached, confer moral for guilt. 

Here the author argues the necessity of a militia to ensure a free state is a very similar role. In that a militia unlike a paid police or military force, not being dependent on pay and commission may refuse to perform when they oppose the order. 


Now the other thought that comes to mind.  When mainstream news is wiring articles like this, perhaps we are edging closer to revolution than we are aware of. 

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28 dead, over a hundred wounded

By 10 men wield knives in China


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Connecticut most dangerous state?

Connecticut banning and confiscating guns.  Winds up with three cities in the Huffington Posts top 10 most violent cities. 


How’s that over taxing and disarmament working out.  So glad I moved. 

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