Cuddlr – journalist cuddles random gun toting stranger, and no one is hurt

Cuddlr is an app that arranges meetups to just well, cuddle and snuggle.  No sex, just the seeking of random human encounter and touch.

Yahoo has an early article of an experience with Cuddlr. The intriguing part, is how it relates to ‘guns”.  The journalist, did something in which even the app creator was a bit surprised, in that she agreed to cuddle at the stranger’s house.  (As opposed to a public place like a park.)

During the encounter, the discussion that the stranger had recently lost a family member, was alone, and kept a gun for safety.  What ensued was a journalist whom had never really ever seen a firearm besides those on a police officer’s hip actually holding and handling a fire arm.
“The rest of my hangout was sweet and uneventful. After she taught me how to hold a gun — awesome”


Please note, that if you’re going to use an app like Cuddlr, I agree, meet in a public place. And consider a .380 like the LCP too.  ;-)

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New BOOM industry…

Women’s high fashion designer wear for concealed carry …



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No 3D Printing for Japan

First arrest for possession of 3D printed firearm in Japan. (More proof that laws and bans will not be affective in the future.)  

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NRA Annual Meeting, hypocrisy or not?

No guns at NRA Annual Meeting Sugarman rants… 

First off, this is not a policy or decision or hypocrisy on the part of the NRA. This is policy of the convention hall. Which are usually private or quasi-public/private property.  

In the past, there have been NRA Annual Meetings in venues that allowed carry (eg: Arizona), though we could not carry at the banquet as they were serving alcohol. 

Second, the NRA Annual Meeting is huge. In fact, there are only a handful of cities that even have venues to host the event. 

Lastly, the NRA Annual Meeting circulates around America so that there is one periodically in region and reach of everyone. They also often host it in cities or states in which present 2nd Amendment civil rights struggles are ongoing.


While gun owners advocate our right to carry. Most also advocate the right of a private citizen to enact policy of their private property. If you choose to post a no guns allowed sign. We’ll usually respect it. But that respect often comes as our deciding to cease patronizing your business. 

When it comes to convention centers, it’s a little harder to do so. Most cities only have one. And only a handful of cities have ones big enough for NRAAM. 

Oh, guess what…the NRAAM in Phoenix, AZ in which we couldn’t carry our guns into the banquet dinner due to the serving of alcohol. Well, that year we got Arizona to pass a law removing that restriction.  

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Smart Guns in the News

“And if you don’t want our gun, don’t buy it. It’s not for everyone.” 

But THAT is NOT all you’re doing. 

Rather, there have been several attempts at laws to mandate such. So that we have NO CHOICE but to buy your technology. (Please note, an exclusion is made for Law Enforcement officers. If this technology is so great, how about you start by mandating it’s use with police officers rather than excluding them.) 

So let’s be a little bit more frank and honest please. Thank you. 

Also this quote and claim “Owner Recognition” technology might prevent suicide.

Perhaps….but I fear it will cause a greater number of deaths of stupid people trying to demonstrate to their friends how they can point their gun at their face and it won’t fire.  Cause it has owner recognition technology….


”Oops, I forgot about my new eyeglasses.” 


That said, we don’t win points personally harassing a woman because she’s working on smart gun technology. Can we stop?

About the only time I’ve advocated personal harassment was when a couple newspapers published names and addresses of permit holders, potentially putting lives in jeopardy for politics. 

Harassing this woman, and giving out her personal details. Is also, potentially putting her at risk for politics.  It doesn’t look good on our behalf. 

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Government to dispose of millions in ammo

Hey got ammo?

Don’t know Bob.

Okay I’ll buy more.

Hey look old ammo!

Is it any good Bob?

Don’t know…let’s just throw it out


Okay so I understand. Extremely poor accounting practices left us clueless about the quantity and purchase datea of ammo. And no one wants to sens our soldiers in with old ammo that might have duds.

So I have a solution. Sell that .223, 9mm, 45 and 50BMG on the open market. Help reduce the ammo shortage. And then take the $$$ from the sales to fund purchase of fresh new ammo. Just a thought. ..

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Way to Go Georgia – Common Sense

Gun Law

> Allows for option to carry in bars and churches.
(Now at venue’s discretion. I used to carry regularly in church. Found out my Pastor used to own a firearm before his wife made him get rid of it. He had a blast when we went out shooting. Another pastor in the denomination also owned a .40, shepherds are responsible for protecting their sheep.)

> 5% of population now licensed to carry. Go Georgia!!!“No one asked for this bill but the gun lobby…” maybe, just maybe it was the 5% of permitted carriers plus probably another large chunk that are pro-2A and liberty.

> Airport access – considering Federal law allows you to check your firearm as baggage. All this really says, is that we’re not going to bust you with state laws when you are legally following Federal law.  So it is now okay to park, walk into airport, stand in line, and check your firearm.  NOTE: This does not allow firearms at TSA checkpoints. 

> Schools when individual is an authorized person (ie: principal, school board, teacher, etc)

> Soldiers may now obtain a carry permit at 18 years of age. If they have been properly trained.  Reasoning being, if they’re old enough to wield a firearm in defense of us. Then we should recognize their right to defend themselves.

> Hunters authorized to use silencers/suppressors on lands which the owner has given permission to use such devices.

> Allows those who have had their permits revoked to re-apply after 3 years. (Realize that many times, if an incident occurs ones permit may be automatically rescinded. Even when cleared it may be difficult to receive a permit again.)

> Restricts access of mentally ill to firearms.

> Restricts officers from requiring an individual to show their permit unless actively engaged in a criminal act. 

Passed a 112-58, 37-18 in the Georgia state legislature 

Wow, is it April 1st or did we wake up in an alternate universe. Two awesome positives in 24 hours.   

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Bought my first paper newspaper in ages

How could I resist Washington Times?

A cover piece on gun owners being discriminated against. Wow…

#washintontimes # thank you


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Granted it’s Washington 

Sure the state is named after our famed revolutionary leader, but it’s guiding compass tends to be far from his ideals.

Presently, there are two ballot initiatives. Neither good, one bad, the other far worse. 

Sadly, it looks like with the help of big donors, Washingtoonians will lose their right to sell their firearms without a background check. Bye, bye private sales. Which will likely be followed by further restrictions of what type of arms you can own. 

This is why we must not rest on our laurels. And honestly, we’ll likely see a Republican president and a more balanced congress come 2016.  That’s when you really have to fear, because it’s when the Republicans want to compromise and bargain that we lose our gun freedoms.–finance.html 

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So you need to calculate Pi and all you’ve got is a target and your trusty shotgun. Now what?

Interesting article on estimating Pi with a Mossberg shotun

View story at

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